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RIP That Music is an extremely powerful software solution to let you extract audio files from YouTube videos. Just type in the name of the artist, album, or song and it pulls up all available vides/songs. Select the songs you want and it will quickly rip the files for you in a nice and easy playlist. And if this doesn’t sound exciting enough, you'll also be able to you see all the music you have ripped from YouTube in a preview window.

Apart from ripping YouTube songs, the simple to use software is also capable of tagging and naming your songs automatically, promising to save the time and effort required by traditional IDv2 and IDv3 editors. Regardless of whether you want to rip song from YouTube or convert any video to audio, all you have to do is simply tick the one you’d like to convert into MP3 files, and click “RIP”, and all your music will be ripped within seconds.

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Cost $19.95 Around £12.95 or 14.95 Euros.
Works on Microsoft Windows XP and above.
MP3s should be downloaded for personal use only.